The edges of  Yucca filamentosa 's leaves naturally curl, forming delicate spirals
 A leaf rests in silica gel, which dries its tissues, preserving the DNA for later extraction
 Trichomes, hair-like structures that can be found covering the surface of many plant species, serve as a defense from herbivory
 A sequence of images illustrates the early growth of  Leucanthemum  x  superbum
  Mimulus  "Magic" flowers are created by crossing  M. guttatus  with  M. luteus , resulting in a wide variety of colors in the F1 generation
 The leaves of  Monstera deliciosa  form holes, spreading as far as possible in their search for sunlight in the dark understory of tropical rainforests
 Plantago lanceolata relies on wind to spread its pollen to neighboring plants
  Lactuca serriola , a common weed, is sometimes called prickly lettuce
 The stages of a flower, from bud to seed pod, are illustrated in  Myosotis
 The underside of a leaf reveals its red pigments, not visible from above due to the presence of chlorophyll
 The cotyledons emerge from a  Solanum lycopersicum  seed
 A gradient of color is visible in a fallen leaf
 Clippings from  Mimulus guttatus  are placed in water to test whether they are able to send out roots and re-establish themselves
 The anatomy of an orchid flower is detailed
 Large sample sizes are necessary to achieve significant results in scientific experiments
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